Dressed simply, positioned in all places at the same time yet on the side-lines with my clipboard watching intently and giving directions as my planning unfolds, I am the #eventmanager!

I am a professional who is a specialist in the design, management and delivery of conferences and events. I provide an integrated service that sees me managing venue selection, budgeting, program design, operations, speakers and entertainment, audio visual, staging, registration, attendees, event marketing, publicity, supplier and contractors, flights, transport, accommodation ………. and these are just some of the tasks I undertake to deliver your successful conference or event.

Still wondering how I add value to my clients? Here are 8 reasons why clients choose to partner with me to deliver their #eventfulprojects.

My extensive business networks ensure my clients benefit from my relationships with suppliers resulting in them receiving quality products and services at a competitive price.

My wealth of knowledge and experience sees me delivering innovative and remarkable events. As an integrated conference and event manager I manage all project elements including third party suppliers and contractors. I efficiently streamline the event management process with no fuss to my clients.

Having overseen various events over my career I am an expert in managing event income and expenditure, maximising client’s budgets and ensuring value for money. Furthermore, I provide strategies to reduce costs whilst maintaining a high level of experience for the audience.

Event managers have a high level of attention to detail, experience and comprehensive logistics awareness. It is these traits that allow me to navigate clients away from crisis; and should crisis arise I am the best person to offer resolution strategies, implementation and management.

Over a decade I have built a foundation of extensive conference and event experience, exceptional business networks and exemplary management skills which are pivotal to my success.

My wealth of knowledge and experience sees me ensuring clients achieve their objectives on time and within budget.

I deploy strategies in line with project milestones using quality products and services; conducting frequent checks and balances throughout the project’s life-cycle, reporting back to the client on a regular basis.

Evaluation is essential, I debrief with clients post project reviewing the project as a whole and identifying key findings, project successes and future opportunities for improvement. I also evaluate financial success.

I offer clients strategic vision that:
^ Promotes brands and strengthens brand loyalty
^ Engages target audiences to convey key messaging
^ Motivates and inspires to enact call to actions

My effective communication and negotiation skills ensure that all suppliers and contractors are briefed and know the intricate details around all deliverables. Communication and negotiation are a craft which event managers perfect every day, I communicate and negotiate costs and logistics in lines with industry practice and trends every day.

Every day I plan, manage and deliver events!
I live and breathe conference and events, it’s not just my full-time job, I love it and it is my passion! Clients choose to trust me with their events because they know that they can provide the brief and then focus on what they do best – their job!

I develop creative and innovative strategies that meet the clients brief, time-frame and budget all whilst keeping the client informed and in control at all times.

I believe I am an extension of your brand! By partnering with my clients and truly understanding their business I help them achieve their objectives and deliver results.

I take being a brand ambassador seriously, I am very aware that I am pivotal to my client’s brand image and I pride myself in being part of client’s team, sharing their mission, vision and values.

Offering a professional and personalised service to all stakeholders and attendees is my priority. In a world of automation, I still believe in the human connection and pride myself in offering this to client’s, stakeholders and attendees.

At Eventful Projects we are Professional Conference Organisers and event managers who are passionate about event management. Contact us for a free one-hour consultation to see how we put our magic into your conference or event!

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