Looking to capture quality event feedback?

In this article the Eventful Projects team share four simple and effective ways to capture real-time feedback based on emotional reactions to the event experience rather than feedback based on memories. Conference and events are emotive experiences, valuable feedback should grasp the emotional response to the event’s buzz moments so that you can design, plan and manage your next successful event.

Electronic smiley (or emoji) terminals are used by retailers, airports, hotels and many more businesses as it allows consumers to rate their experience in real-time. A simple question such as ‘how was your shopping experience today?’ is answered with a simple response – smiley face as satisfactory and frown face as un-satisfactory. These terminals can be used throughout conferences and events to obtain fast real-time feedback on a specific experience such as onsite registration, catering, breakout sessions.

Live polling is an effective and engaging tool commonly used at conferences. Deployed through various methods such as independent hardware and software applications through to the Facebook polling function conference and event attendees can provide measurable feedback in a specific moment. We suggest increasing participation and content engagement by displaying poll results in real-time on screens.

Remember to keep the polling process simple and quick in-order to maximise participation and results, ask direct questions that offer multiple choice answers.

Provide each attendee with a postcard; on one side place the conference or event branding, date and location. On the other side display the text ‘what 3 things did you learn today?’ and provide lines for 3 responses. This is a great opportunity to capture feedback specifically on the events content. You can analyse the data against your objectives to measure success.

To increase engagement and keep the event momentum, capture the attendee’s details at the same time and mail the post card back to remind them of their key take-aways from your event.

A fun way to recycle name badges and capture feedback is to ask attendees a simple and relevant question question about your event, ask attendees to place their name badges in the appropriate recycling comment bin.  The positive bin identifies those attendees who could be useful ambassadors for your next event whilst the negative bin signifies those attendees who need follow up, asking them for further feedback on their experience so that you can improve future events.

At Eventful Projects we are Professional Conference Organisers and event managers who believe evaluation is essential, we always debrief with our clients reviewing the project as a whole and identifying key findings, project successes and future opportunities for improvement. Contact us for a free one-hour consultation to see how we put our magic into your conference or event!

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