Catering is an important element of any conference or event and it is also one of the biggest expenses, so how do you ensure that you are getting an amazing caterer and menu? Here’s what you need to look for in a caterer:

  1. Responsiveness and an ability to work with you
  2. Good recommendations
  3. Experience working with your type of event and/or venue
  4. Sharing your vision
  5. Willingness to do a tasting

The answer is simple …… a quality constructed culinary experience for everyone! To be more specific a quality caterer will provide you with the following:

Food Expertise
Your caterer should be a food expert, transforming your vision, requirements and expectations into a carefully constructed menu for your conference or event showcasing creativity and locally sourced ingredients.

Flexibility and Improvisation
Quality caterers are innovative, offering creative menu suggestions whilst being flexible with regards to navigating dietary preferences, requirements and allergies. A good caterer can improvise when the unexpected happens such as increased guest numbers, surprise dietary requirements etc.

Attention to Detail
Successful caterers are detailed oriented resulting in perfection on the plate, immaculate food stations and practical food solutions tailored to your conference or event. Think creative conference lunch boxes, exciting canapes, innovative dinner menus – no more alternate drop!

The Eventful Projects team have a few favourite caterers, we love working with the following local South Australian businesses not only because they are awesome people, but they deliver the goods!

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