Hosting an event outside of your “home base” location is exciting however it can have its challenges. Here are some helpful tips for planning those key event elements.

Familiarise yourself with the destination, climate and its accessibility for example travel time/flight availability. Identify any challenges and prepare a plan to overcome these.

Select your venue so that it is easy for delegates to walk or transport to. If your venue is outside of the hotel ensure that the hotel has the ability to manage coaches arriving and departing.

The selected venue should complement your event, for example if you are holding a conference do ensure the venue has adequate audio visual technology, comfortable seating, and that it can accommodate your set-up. Ideally the room should not contain pillar’s ensuring all delegates have a good line of sight to the stage/presentation area.

Engaging new suppliers can be daunting but it doesn’t need to be; try asking your existing suppliers if they can provide you with a recommendation. Even ask your colleagues or friends they may have previous experience with a particular merchant.

When selecting a new supplier communicate your expectations so that your chosen supplier understands your requirements, deadlines, delivery date and location.

Site Inspection
Conducting a site inspection is imperative, if you are not able to do one we recommend you really leverage off other resources such as the internet, tourism bureaus and most importantly your venue/supplier contacts. Building a strong relationship with all your suppliers will allow you to ask questions and seek opinions during your planning process.

Advance Arrival
We recommend arriving to the destination a day or two prior so you can conduct a site inspection and familiarise yourself with event logistics within the destination and venue. It’s also a good idea to meet with necessary suppliers and confirm any pending deliverables prior to the event. Whilst arriving a day or two may appear unwarranted to some remember it is beneficial, it gives you time to make any changes to plans just in challenges present themselves or you discover alternative options for certain arrangements when you arrive.

Sydney Events
Holding an event in Sydney? Eventful Projects recommends using Event Birdie an easy to search directory of high-quality and reputable venues, caterers and suppliers who specialise in producing events, weddings, and special occasions. Their listings include plenty of pictures and all of the important information and facts that you will need before making a booking enquiry.

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