There are many post event tasks that an event manager undertakes and an event debrief is one of them! It is essential a debrief is conducted with key stakeholders, the information captured is paramount when you review and evaluate your event.

At Eventful Projects we ensure our event debriefs are successful by encompassing the following elements.

  • What worked well. Identifying the event elements that were successful and why is important, you will want to ensure you implement these for your next event and of course evolve the concept.
  • What did not work and why. Determine what areas of the event were not successful and why, can these elements be re-worked in order to be successful at the next event or will you leave it and develop a new concept?
  • Take hold of event images, video and collateral. Archiving is an important part of event management, you are building reference points for your event and also creating a database that can be drawn on for marketing purposes.
  • Make notes to consider for the next event. The Eventful Projects team love to run a list of “for the next event” throughout the event planning and execution process. This list is a great reference point for a debrief meeting and also reminds you of the things that need to change/be implemented.
  • Did the event achieve the objectives? Identify if your outcomes were achieved and why. If your outcomes were not met, get an understanding of why not and determine what can be implemented for the next event so that the objectives are achieved.
  • Was the event delivered within budget? Every event manager works very hard to deliver an event within or below budget but sometimes the event scope changes or unforeseen circumstances arise. It is essential to reconcile your budget swiftly following the event and identify where your event budget comes in, irrespective of whether you are under or over budget it is important to identify why.

Helpful Tip: Provide the client with regular event budget updates. The Eventful Projects team manage their event budgets very closely and like to provide clients with regular updates throughout the event planning process and just before arriving onsite for the event to ensure clients are completely across the events financials

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