Written by Vicky Troptsidis, Eventful Projects Founder 

Events are a rewarding platform and a robust channel for you to connect, engage and captivate your target audience. When you create meaningful connections and experiences you can motivate and inspire behavioural shifts – brilliant huh?

I am often asked ‘how do you create successful events?’ My response is always the same… blend your events into your marketing and communications plan to create a holistic journey for your audience to engage with your brand, products and, or services.

“The pathway to success requires planning – it’s important to ‘nail’ your event strategy.” 

So, what is the secret behind sell-out events?

Truth be told there are multiple secrets! That’s right, there is more than one way to optimise your event planning, so you reach success. Here are my 6 success levers:

By setting clear intentions you create integral principals, key messaging and call to actions for your event – the first step to establishing strong event foundation.

Understand your audience to offer high value experiences so you can connect and engage authentically. Remember value is unique, we all perceive value differently.

Curate your event content carefully, it is a powerful commodity and directly relates to your event’s value.  Be strategic in selecting your speakers, they need to align with your event values and messaging and offer valuable insights, motivate, inspire and empower.

Plan what and how you are going to communicate to your event attendees, your communication needs to clear and the information must be quality and functional.

Be clear about your events: whatwhowhywhere and how.

What is your event about?Communicate your events purpose to establish a strong connection that piques interest.

Who is your event for?Make it easy for your audience to identify with your event and confidently make the decision to register their attendance.

Why attend the event?Promote your event with clarity and offer a strong value proposition by showcasing speakers, activities, networking, entertainment, give-aways etc.

Where is the event being held? Your venue selection is critical to the success of your event. What message is your venue sending to your audience?

How to register? Sell-out events have a simple purchase journey. Eliminate all barriers to a sale (aka registration) by making event information and pricing clear.

We all want to belong and for this very reason inclusion and community at events is priceless. Sell-out events offer more than just an event ticket – attendees are buying an experience! Consider the various ways you can offer engagement and community experiences at your event.

“Your event purpose powers value and positions you to achieve your ROI.” 

The corridor to success is undoubtedly in your ‘master plan’ strategic mapping is a vital tool that will guide you through developing an event that has purpose and offers value to your event attendees.

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