Want to make your next conference or event sustainable but not sure what this means or how do it? Keep reading, the Eventful Projects Team have put together a quick guide to get you started!

Sustainable conference and event management can be defined as the process of integrating environmental and social responsibility issues/policies into event planning. Creating a sustainable conference and event requires you to consider the needs and values of stakeholders impacted by your conference or event and reduce significant impact, or harm i.e. waste while seeking out opportunity to leave a positive legacy that benefits the community.

Your carbon footprint greatly depends on your event type, location etc. Following are some basic methods to reduce your conference or event’s carbon footprint.

^ Provide remote, virtual or hybrid attendance options
^ Offer a centralised location that is close to the majority of attendees, balancing out travel requirements
^ Partner with ‘green’ venues and hotels leveraging off their existing initiatives and programs
^ Incentivise carpooling or public transport
^ Eliminate in-event travel by creating a walkable ‘event village’

A large portion of events ends up in landfill, as a professional conference organiser (PCO) or event manager you need to consider how you can reduce or avoid this; start by:

^ Selecting destinations, venues and caterers who have a good recycling and composting program.
^ Provide waste disposal stations that are clearly signed and monitored to assist attendees sort their waste
^ Partner with organisations who offer a donation program, particularly for food, exhibitor materials etc.

Reduce, reuse and recycle, three easy actions helping you create a sustainable conference or event NOW!. Consider the following these simple tips to make an immediate change.

^ Recycle by repurposing where possible
^ Reuse plastic name badge holders, collecting from attendees on departure or offer an incentive to return
^ Keep lanyards, banners, signage generic so you can re-purpose at future conference and events
^ Use products made from recyclable materials

Implement simple practices for stakeholders to embrace your sustainability policy.

^ Provide sufficient waste disposal stations throughout your conference or event
^ Clearly label, don’t assume attendees know what to do, graphics are an effective communication tool
^ Offer incentives to stakeholders who embrace your sustainability policies

Sustainability is more than an action, it is a culture to be embraced! Working with caterers, venues, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors etc. who share your vision will create a cohesive practice.

Be consistent with your actions, look for organisations who are certified, ask how they would apply sustainability into your conference or event. Create a green policy to help you communicate your sustainability standards.

Ready to make change and improve your conference or event’s environmental impact, sustainability is a commitment, you need to be consistent and incorporate this into your conference or events culture.

Analysing the following event elements, evaluate and determine the greatest impact so you can make change!

^ Travel i.e. attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors and event staff etc.
^ Waste
^ Catering: food and beverage
^ Energy
^ Printed collateral
^ Venue

At Eventful Projects we help our clients create sustainable conference and events. Contact us for a free one-hour consultation to see how we put our magic into your conference or event!

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