Events play an integral part in any business’s marketing and promotion; today there is such a strong online focus and presence it is becoming harder for businesses to stand out and have their message heard – hosting a ‘live’ event makes you visible!

No matter what the size of your business or budget hosting an event has many benefits and here are just a few.

Hosting an event provides you with the opportunity to expose your business to existing and potential customers. Focus on the experience, your guests will remember the event itself which indirectly sells your business – much better than the hard sell!

People attend events they are interested in especially if there is a fee for attendance. Host a showcase that features activities, workshops and a premium experience; making it a paid event will give a more exclusive feel because guests anticipate their experience will be of value and you can be confident that they are interested about what you are offering.

Technology and social media can replace human interaction; hosting an event allows you to make personal impressions. Taking the opportunity to engage with existing and potential customers at your event provides a great opportunity for them to experience your products/services and meet the team behind the business.

People enjoy having a good time, going to new places and meeting new people but most of all people like being connected. An event delivers on these points and most importantly it creates a hype that people will talk about and share with their connections. Your business will reach multiple networks.

Your event can expose you to new contacts and leads, when inviting guests announce that they they are welcome to bring one friend or colleague – you never know who they will bring and it’s a great way to build your network.

Social media is a powerful tool, events provide your business with a social media spike. Give guests permission to upload event photo’s and invite others to “like your page”; don’t forget to provide hash-tag references.

Correct! Whilst most people are using social medial not everyone is therefore your campaigns are not reaching everyone. Hosting an event is good way of targeting your audience and delivering your key message.

Ask yourself these questions: Is your competition holding events? What types of events are they holding? Who is attending these events?  If your answer is ‘no’ they are not holding events then what are you waiting for! If your competition is holding events then hold your own and make it powerful by ensuring it is different.

Make your business visible, host an event! At Eventful Projects we work with you to produce creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

For information about your next event contact Vicky at or 0422 053 013.