Being an extraordinary event professional means many things, we have various skills sets that see us planning and managing events of all types and scales but when it comes to problem resolution how do you rate?  Want to become a better, more confident problem solver – follow these few steps to get started on becoming a problem solving master!

  1. Understand the issue. Whether it is a delegate or supplier presenting the issue make sure you completely understand it and all the ramifications before starting to resolve.
  2. Create a plan. Determine what the best resolution outcome is. Create the resolution plan then communicate the plan making sure that everyone understands their role and the deliverables. Remember: to seek feedback and approval from the complainant to ensure they agree with the resolution before you implement!
  3. If you’re at fault, admit it. Take ownership of the issue. If you’re at fault admit it. Apologise and explain how you will be resolving the problem. Communication is always key in these situations!
  4. Implement and follow up. Problem solving does not end at resolution implementation, it is extremely important to ensure you follow up to check the complainant feels the matter is resolved and they are satisfied with the resolution.

A problem left unattended can manifest and become a larger issue as it compounds with feelings of being ignored. Plus in today’s world problems are not discovered in traditional formats (i.e. in person complaints), so how do you know if there is a problem when you are not receiving feedback? Get a jump start on problems with some these tips:

  • Listen on social media, review hashtags and keywords to identify any problems. If you identify a problem, escalate the issue appropriately.
  • Walk the floor and listen, you will be amazed what you hear and who approaches you with feedback when you are visible!
  • Scan over surveys and polls as you receive feedback, no need to read them completely but take a glance at what feedback is being shared.
  • Switch the problem resolution responsibility or get some distance. Another opinion can provide objectivity and giving yourself distance allows you to process and think before you take action.
  • Solve for someone else, it is always easier to resolve a problem for another person so think outside the box and treat it from the outside looking in.

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