Do you want to create events that are meaningful, have purpose and deliver measurable results?

How would you feel to turn your event concepts into strategies so you can scale your events, create dynamic experiences all while raising your organisations profile and delivering on each of your objectives along the way?

We are here to help you produce successful events that are purpose driven with excellent return on investment!


Our easy to implement checklist will have you creating your very own event strategies so you can continually deliver brilliant events.

Creating your event strategy is a critical part of event planning, this is your primer to success and your very first building block to constructing your event piece by piece.

It’s about the ‘WHY’, investing time at the very beginning of your event’s lifecycle and a being purpose driven will undoubtedly set you up for success.

Set your intentions so you can confidently plan, manage, and deliver your events.

Here are our 6 critical elements you need to check-off in your event strategy.

Why are you hosting your event?
What result do you want to achieve by hosting your event?

Who your event for?
What does your audience expect from your events?
What does value look like to your audience?

What is they key message you need to deliver to your audience?
How and when are you going to deliver your key messaging?

What do you want your audience to do with your key message?
Will your message require different action throughout the events lifecycle?

What information are you going to communicate?
How and when are you going to communicate?

What are your success metrics?
How and when will you measure success?

How would you feel to eliminate your stress and guesswork of running a brilliant event?

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