What drives a delegate to register for an event and more importantly what will make a delegate register for your event?

Education, staying abreast of new trends and networking are some of the key reasons why delegates attend meetings, exhibitions and events.

EDUCATION & TRENDS. Program, content and keynote speakers are a strong attendance driver and these should make up your core marketing message. Staying up-to-date with new industry trends is equally important, delegates want to remain ‘current’, Add value to your event by including content that focuses on emerging trends.

NETWORKING. Delegates love the opportunity to network and make connections, we recommend incorporating networking into your event not just onsite but prior and post event. Social media is an effective way to provide a networking platform for delegates prior to your event and to keep the ‘hype’ going post event. Networking via social media allows delegates to engage with the event before arriving onsite.

Please don’t forget about physical social interaction, as much as the modern delegate is active on various social media platforms they still have a desire to interact and engage with others. Including the ability to connect with other delegates, speakers, experts etc. into a program will make your event stand out from the others.

REMEMBER – when planning your next event do ensure that you focus on your content, emerging trends and providing sufficient opportunities to network and engage.

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