Eventful Projects had the pleasure of being an official judge at the Royal Adelaide Show this year, it was an absolute honour to be involved with this event and a pleasure to get an intimate insight to all the exhibitors.

I was a little nervous leading up to judging day as it was to be my first time however once I arrived onsite thankfully my excitement trumped the nerves. Meeting in the Members Banquet Room judges were allocated into teams and given a briefing; teamed up with two fabulous girls from Brand SA and SATC off we went to judge lifestyle, fashion and beauty, outdoor living and the kids zone! Lucky I am an event manager as my event planning skills and experience certainly helped with assessing each exhibitor and electing the top three of each category and the overall winner.

So what does a Royal Adelaide Show judge do? Well it is really fun, we had to experience each exhibitor’s stand, product/service and rate a few core elements such as visual appearance of the exhibit, service and interaction with the general public….. to do this obviously we were incognito! We spent the day trialling hand creams, looking at outdoor furniture and discovering new renovation trends plus lots more but all with a motive – judging!!!, Wow it was tough as all exhibitors really made an effort and were so friendly but there can only be one winner and so my fellow judges and I had to start making decisions, this definitely could not be done on an empty stomach so off we went to have our sumptuous lunch in the Members Banquet Room. Top three for each category selected, overall winner decided our job is done and the day draws to a close! Would I do it again – absolutely, it was a fabulous day and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I can never switch off my event brain so I must let you know that whilst the Royal Adelaide Show is the Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre’s (AEEC) largest project did you know that it is also a spectacular venue! That’s right the AEEC is Adelaide’s largest multi-purpose venue offering diverse event space.

At Eventful Projects we produce creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

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