What’s in my event bag!

A good event professional always has an event bag or kit ready to go at any moment. This ensemble should see you through your event and contain all the essential ‘just in case’ items.

When I am onsite with an event I don’t travel light so what is in my bag? Here are my top 5 items:

1. Stationery. I always carry additional stationary essentials such as packets of pens, high-lighters, tape, post-it notes, paper, rubber bands, Velcro buttons, box cutters, labels, tissues, stapler, scissors etc.

2. Technology such as USBs, extension cords, power boards, batteries, phone charges etc. are extremely handy to have in your kit you will surely be reaching for these during your event.

3. Wardrobe malfunctions are common onsite at events, be prepared with some of these essentials: sewing kit, safety pins, lint brush, static spray, double sided tape, stain remover etc.

4. Cleaning products are always handy to have with you. I like to keep glass cleaner cloths, multi purpose wipes, paper towels and of hand sanitizer in my kit.

5. Snacks. In the event game you are  never quite sure when you will have an opportunity to eat, so I ensure there’s snacks in my kit at all times. My favourite inclusion is Carmen’s Muesli Bars.


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