Why are events held? The answer to this is broad and specific to each client but no matter what your event type there is always a generic goal forefront in the minds of key stakeholders – delivering a key message whilst generating and reinforcing brand awareness.

Adelaide event management company Eventful Projects do not underestimate the power of event entertainment; we know all too well how entertainment can create hype and buzz around your event; whether it’s a conference, product launch, client incentive, VIP event or gala awards dinner entertainment enhances audience satisfaction which is extremely positive for your brand.

The right performance or show can be captivating and make your event go ‘viral’ across social media platforms. Our events team have some helpful hints on using entertainment to elevate your event and enhance the audience experience creating hype and exposure of your brand.

SOCIAL MEDIA is a key element to all events, it is where event experiences are shared whether it be officially or unofficially. Use your social media networks to maximise exposure; revealing your entertainment via social media platforms at a strategic time will create a buzz and may even increase attendance/ticket sales.

Visual media is MASSIVE, remember to keep in mind the visual impact of your event. Ensure you engage a professional to capture event moments; video and photographs are an asset that will help make your event go ‘viral’ across social media platforms.

THINK BIG and you will reap the rewards. Big brands use entertainment in their advertising campaigns for a reason; it’s an effective way to reinforce or create brand awareness without the ‘hard sell’. Effective campaigns that have become ‘viral’ incorporate visual and creative entertainment – thinking big doesn’t necessarily mean spending big the principals are the same. Do something really amazing and people will want to share it!

INNOVATION and originality is what people are going to share on social media. Evoking strong emotions will prompt attendees to share their experience with others. It is not an accident that event experiences go ‘viral’ there is strategy in play. Increase your chances of going ‘viral’ by:

  1. Securing the right entertainment that will make people share your event. How do know what entertainment is right? Ask your peers, colleagues and even audience for their ideas. Also consider an entertainment bureau so you get access to the latest acts and performers.
  2. Using social media to create hype. The element of suspense can also be used, revealing a headline act close to the event date.
  3. Press coverage will assist in your event going ‘viral’; invite the press to cover your event or send out a press release with strong images and video showcasing entertainment immediately following the event. Don’t forget to express the uniqueness of your event.
  4. Attendees play a part in going ‘viral’ – don’t forget about them! Attendees will almost certainly take their own pictures and videos to share.
  5. Blog about the event on your website and other industry news pages – do remember to upload those awesome images and videos!
  6. The rules are simple – create plenty of hype and excitement around the event and the entertainment.

will instigate talk about your event online. People will share or talk about something they are interested in, have never seen before or something that has simply been so impressive they are spellbound. Taking people by surprise (in a positive way) and inspiring them will prompt online chatter.

Planning for your event to go “viral’ has many benefits not just for the event itself but for your brand; reaching out to more people exposes and reinforces your brand. No matter the size of your event (or budget) if you get your event content right and capture the audience’s imagination and attention your event has a good chance of going ‘viral’. So remember to leverage off social media and showcase your imagination and inspire people!

At Eventful Projects we produce creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

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