Table settings are an integral part of event styling especially for corporate lunches and gala dinners; visually setting the tone of the room (and evening) your table setting should be representative of your event and it’s theme. With so much scope for design and creativity it is important that before you get excited with modern trends you understand some of the fundamentals to a dinner setting.

Place mat or show plate
Place mats or show plates are a traditional element to a table setting and allow you to add texture and modern influence. Show plates are traditionally used for a more formal event but in our modern age they can add a quirky and interesting layer to your table design.


Lay down the silver
Getting back to basics – forks to the left of the plate, knifes and spoons to the right. Remember that silverware should be placed in order of use working from the outside in.


Napkin Theory

With so many designs for napkin folds, pick one to compliment your event and table setting. Napkins are traditionally placed to the left of the plate however in this modern day napkins can be positioned on the plate.


Water, White and Red

Glassware is positioned at the top rate of the plate, water glass placed in the front, white wine glass then the red wine glass.


Table Accessories

Salt and pepper, butter should be positioned on the table so they are easily accessible, it is standard operation in venues that two sets are placed on each table.



Your centrepieces should make a statement but make sure it doesn’t disrupt the view across the table so that guests can still engage with each other.


Place Cards

Placed cards should be designed to complement your event theme and table setting; keep it simple or make it special by attaching place cards to gifts.



Following the fundamentals the fun begins; creating event table settings is not only fun but it is extremely important; table settings are an extension of your event theme and provide a first impression to the evening’s experience.  So what is currently trending when it comes to table settings? Here are some of our favourites.

Mix up the china
Place your china onto the placemat or show plate don’t be afraid to integrate a mix of vintage and new china designs/styles.



Create a classic but elegant setting by using a length of lustrous wallpaper as a table runner; this look achieves a sleek and modern feel.


Keeping it simple

For those causal events create a contemporary table setting by using bright colours and unique accessories for interest.



Swap the traditional placemat or show plate for tracing paper and change up the floral centrepiece for a vase filled with vibrant fruit.

mill table setting2   centerpiece2-1

Bringing nature indoors

Inject a bit of nature into your event by adding an organic element into your centrepiece. Alternatively tuck an organic element into your napkin and cutlery fastened with ribbon.


Budget Conscious

When event budgets are low don’t panic, you can still create a statement table setting by resting a bold coloured napkin in between a white show plate and dinner plate. Place cards can be refreshingly different by using personalised flags anchored in zesty limes or lemons.

5e36143a0ec1572caac473cc854340fc 2012_04_25-Sweet-Slices-Lemon-Inspired-Decor-Place-Card


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