At Eventful Projects we love delivering remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences. We are often asked what makes an event successful; there are so many answers to this question but here are some of our top factors.

Have an easy registration system in place
It is vital to have a good registration system in place for your event; the registration process is an extremely important event element and should be easy to use for both the attendee and administrator. Remember the registration process should capture all necessary data for you to execute your event.

Eventful Projects has developed their own registration portal to compliment client’s events; we are very excited to provide this registration portal to our clients as a stand-alone system and in conjunction with our event management services.

Plan for your target audience
Tailor your event content so that it is specific to your target audience; doing so will ensure that your audience are engaged and feel that they are benefiting from the event and receiving value for their time/money.

Cater with class
Any event manager will tell you that one way to make a delegate happy is via their tummyJ. Catering is an integral part of any event; ensure that your chosen menus reflect quality and variety. It is also important to ensure that you have adequate catering based on your attendee numbers – better to have more catering than not enough!

It’s all in the detail
‘Detail’ cannot be denied; focusing on the detail will take your event from good to amazing. But what exactly do we mean by ‘detail’? Well let’s take a look at a keynote speaker selection, you could just align your keynote speaker with the overall event theme which will give you a good outcome alternatively you could drill down on the detail further and really look at who is attending your event, what is that they are really looking for by attending, what message do you want to deliver, can the keynote speaker work with you to redevelop their message to compliment your message. These are just a few thoughts on detail.

Don’t forget that the application of detail also applies to event communications; the success of your event can balance on how well you have communicated pre/during/post event.

Capture the event in photos and videos
Extend the lifespan of your event by using photos and videos via social media applications; this allows you to obtain extra exposure and keep the event hype running. Additionally the photo and videos provide a good preview for those who were not able to attend; hopefully enticing them to your next event.

Have your audience evaluate
The most common mistake is planning an event for you and not your audience, to help keep you on track and improve your events moving forward do ask your audience to complete an evaluation. When developing evaluation forms ensure you ask for feedback on all aspects of the event not just areas you feel are important – you will be surprised what you learn.

At Eventful Projects we produce creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

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