Eventful Projects is very honoured and excited to be part of The Front which is a new musical about ‘Fromelles’, the bloodiest battle in ANZAC history. Infused with soaring melodies and a uniquely Australian spirit, it depicts the brutalities of war and commemorates the love, loss and legacy of our WWI veterans. I had an opportunity to see this production in its very raw workshop stages in April and was seriously impressed by the story, characters but most of all the passion of Lane Hinchcliffe who is the writer and composer ………. I just had to get on board with this fantastic project!

So here I am today with a very early start greeting our very special cast member Rob Mills at the Adelaide Airport; with a quick stop off at the hotel we are now en-route to Paradise Motors Mazda to pick up the new Mazda 3 which they have kindly provided as a courtesy vehicle whilst Rob is in Adelaide. After some publicity photos and coffee from the dealerships barista we are again on our way but now cruising in a very stylish Mazda 3.

Arriving at a very special location what we call ‘Villi’s mansion’ we are settled in for a day of rehearsals and workshopping; it is a truly amazing experience so see such a talented and professional cast rehearse together and work on the extraordinary story and characters.

The Front’s cast and crew will spend the next two weeks on rehearsals and workshops then deliver a spectacular showcase performance for invited guests at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Want an invitation to The Front showcase performance – buy a ticket to The Front’s ‘Cheer Up Hut Dinner’ and receive a complimentary and exclusive ticket. Click Here for more information or to buy a ticket.

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