Jazz up your next coffee and tea break with the ‘THE FIVE VOCAL TEA’.

The Five Vocal Tea has been co-created by Cameron MacDonald and his fiancé Michelle Smitheram who are committed to maximising vocal health with their dual action Vocal Tea. Premium Organic ingredients combined with traditional methods. No harmful toxins, chemicals or menthol – just the good stuff.

The Eventful Projects team love The Five Vocal Tea and the delicious flavours available; these teas are a certain enhancement to the traditional conference morning and afternoon breaks. It is also the perfect gift (as a room drop) for your keynote speaker, panellists or MC and can be used to soothe sore throats or give you a boost if you are lacking energy – perfect for event managers! Our tip is to brew a pot of the calming tea and enjoy whilst relaxing in a bubble bath!

So how does the tea work? Place one seed + one vocal tea bag in a mug or pot. Add fresh boiling water and allow seed to open for three – five minutes before consumption. Refill with hot water up to four times. Replace tea bag as necessary.

To find out more about The Five Vocal Tea visit their website at http://thefivevocaltea.com/

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