With Christmas fast approaching the festive season will certainly see you celebrating; whether it’s your office Christmas party or you have been invited to a client or corporate event remember that it is more about the office, client or corporate brand than it is about the party.

In event management we have seen many Christmas celebrations and how they can leave some people with more than a hangover. Our events team has put together some basic fundamentals that will help you survive corporate Christmas celebrations.

Do Attend – if you have received an invitation, do accept. Festive celebrations are a good opportunity to expose yourself and network. Spend at least 30 minutes at the party but remember you don’t need to stay until the ‘wee’ hours of the morning over indulging – moderation!!

Moderation – eat, drink and be merry; it is the festive season after all but remember it is a business event so you need to be on your best behaviour. We strongly recommend moderation when it comes to eating, drinking and being merry.

Conduct – be professional you are representing yourself and your business. It is a corporate function so proper etiquette and decorum need to be applied.

Dress Appropriately – there is a time and place for everything and your office Christmas party, client or corporate event should see you dressed appropriately. You have worked hard to create a professional image so leave the tight and revealing clothes at home!

Keep Your Hands To Yourself – don’t get flirty at corporate festive celebrations; avoid inappropriate behaviour that will get you into trouble and possibly cost you your job and, or career.

Be Interesting – although you are at the office Christmas party, client or corporate event you don’t need to spend the night talking business. Use the event to strengthen existing relationships and build a rapport with new people, making new connections will expand your network.

Keep A Hand Free – what for?? Keeping one hand free will allow you to offer a handshake when you meet people. Our tip is to have your drink in your left hand this will ensure that when you offer a handshake your hand is not wet and cold from your ice cold drink.

Plus One – when a plus one is permitted remember to bring an acceptable guest.

Thank You – remember your manners at the event and do thank your host. You could even send a thank you note post event to express your appreciation for the invite and great time you had.

Keep Safe – if you intend to have a few drinks at your office Christmas party, client or corporate event do plan ahead and arrange your transportation. Keep safe, don’t drink and drive!

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