The Eventful Projects team are experts in delivering event solutions but we also know that it goes beyond the event. Launching a brand is a very important activation and we work with our clients to ensure that their event solutions are in keeping with their brand and key messaging.

Your brand is your image it represents a value proposition and differentiates you from the crowd. When launching a brand it is imperative that your target market have these elements communicated to them so they know what you represent and why.

IDENTITY | Consistency is key when promoting your brand, initiatives such as adverts, press releases, online campaigns or eDMs must represent your brand consistently. Your identity includes the brands logo, style of adverts, subject of your promotional campaigns, colours you use and the message you deliver.

POSITIONING | What are you selling and who to? These questions are crucial to your positioning and to your brand launch strategy. We suggest creating a positioning statement to answer these questions, you can use this statement as the focus of your branding strategy.  An example (based on Eventful Projects) would be “Eventful Projects delivers creative and unique event solutions for clients who want remarkable and lasting experiences.

VALUE | Clearly communicate your value proposition to your market. Are you offering practical or perceived value? Practical value is linked to the use of your product/service and perceived value such as status come from owning/using the brand.

DIFFERENTIATION | How does your brand differ from your competitors? Ideally, the differences are part of the value proposition. Do your customers get premium quality without paying a premium price? Or have you established a higher price-point where customers pay a little more but get a lot more? Or is your brand not differentiated by price but based on unique product features?

Have a brand you need to launch? At eventful projects we are passionate about producing creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

For information about your next event contact Vicky at or 0422 053 013.