Meetings are inevitable, they present themselves as part of a daily occurrence for most of us and whilst some are necessary and extremely productive others can leave us wondering ‘what is the point’.

As an event organiser we find ourselves in numerous meetings with various people; whether it’s with conference and event clients, suppliers, associations or staff it’s important to value people’s time. Inefficient meetings cause negative emotions, when meeting attendees feel like their time is being wasted they will most likely withdraw – so how can you improve your meetings to keep attendees happy and engaged? Here are some of our tips.

Meetings need to have a clear and defined purpose; before you send your calendar invitation think about what you are trying to accomplish. Whatever the purpose make sure it actually requires a ‘face to face’ meeting opposed to an email update.

Choose your audience wisely, it is important to share information across a platform but consider if it is really necessary for everyone to be involved; i.e. if you are announcing changes to procedures just invite the people who will be affected by the change. Meeting attendees who feel like conversations don’t apply to them begin to feel like their time is being wasted and will ‘tune out’.

Meeting agendas are a great tool to keep your meeting (and yourself) on track. Ensure your agenda outlines all the topics you plan to address in the meeting; our tip is to include time allotments for each topic and email the agenda to all meeting attendees in advance so participants are aware of what to expect and how long to schedule.

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to meetings is when they do not commence as scheduled or run overtime. In today’s busy world it is essential to be respectful of people’s time. Be ready prior to the meeting time and ensure you start on time and most importantly keep to the agenda – It’s your meeting so control it!

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