Are you planning an upcoming event and need a little help. No matter what the event type there are some elements that shouldn’t be overlooked; using some key fundamental strategies will ensure that your event is built for success.

At Eventful Projects our team of experienced and passionate event professionals have put together a quick and easy guide to give you a strong start in getting your upcoming event sorted.

Venue and Location make an impact! Where do you intend on holding your event? Is it easy to find and access? Does local transport link to your chosen venue? Do the venue and location suit the event concept/theme?

Date and Time should be realistic for your type of event. Ensure you avoid holding your event around public or school holidays and any other major occurrence within the destination. From a timing perspective do be realistic with what you want to deliver and your budget ………..I recently went to a showcase that was on a Wednesday 12:00pm to 2:30pm with no food service; I am sure I don’t have to spell out the problem here!

Cost of your event to you (and your delegate if your event is ‘fee for attendance’) is significant. One of the biggest costs an event will incur is venue hire; in Adelaide we are very lucky that venue hire costs are considerably lower than other states; our advice is to be vigilant and negotiate your venue hire. Another option and our preference is to alleviate venue hire by agreeing to a realistic minimum food and beverage spend. By keeping your event costs down your budget is healthier and the ticket price is more attractive to attendees.

Capacity is sometimes unknown and as event managers we certainly understand the challenges on securing a venue that best suits your possible numbers; we recommend looking at venues that have flexibility. Book a venue that has room to accommodate your maximum expected numbers but can adapt to host minimum numbers also. Venues that have ‘air-walls’ or several function rooms for you to ‘hold’ is ideal. Adelaide has fantastic venues with multiple options.

Technical Specs are essential, ensure you have a ‘healthy’ allowance in your budget to execute the technical aspect of your event; such elements could include audio visual, lighting, stage set, onsite AV technicians etc. Remember the way in which you deliver your content is a direct representation of your brand.

Food and Beverage is the most judged aspect of your event; it is a key element and will shape your delegates opinion. I have managed numerous events and each time I ask a delegate their thoughts I hear something like this “it’s good but lunch should include ……………”. Crazy I know but if you want your event to be successful don’t forget about food – give the people what they want!

Event Elements should complement your event concept; when confirming entertainment, keynote speakers, theming etc. ask yourself if there is a direct link back to your event concept. You are holding your event for a reason and making an investment to deliver to a key message – maximise your event’s potential!

At Eventful Projects we produce creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

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