According to Career Cast event coordination rates the 8th most stressful job of 2015. Whilst we admit we are not brain surgeons we do agree that being an event manager does come with its challenges and stresses. So how can you reduce the stress of managing of your next event? The Eventful Projects Adelaide event management team have come together to share their top tips.

Use technology and don’t get used by it!
Make sure you have a need to use a particular piece of technology. A perfect example of using technology is online event registration tools; an absolute must for events as it makes the event management process easier. So what is an example of technology using you? Creating a twitter account for your event when your audience demographic doesn’t frequent or have a twitter account; this is certainly a tell-tale sign of technology using you and creating unnecessary stress.

Break it down
Breaking down your event into small and manageable tasks is an effective way to reduce stress; mapping out your event and writing things down will help you ‘download’ the information in your mind and understand how to allocate tasks.

Strategies to work through tasks
When project managing it is imperative to have an ‘approach’ or strategy to your tasks, doing so will eliminate poor performance and reduce your stress. Tasks can seem overwhelming at times, our recommendation is to ‘break it down’ work on a task for designated period of time, if it’s not complete stop take a break and get back to it for another period of time. Taking regular breaks will allow you to step back and refocus jumping back on the task reinvigorated.

Accepting not everything goes to plan
A truly great event professional embraces that their events will most likely not go to plan and have a back-up strategy that navigates major challenges. Event professionals infuse a sense of calmness and tranquillity to those around them when challenges arise because they embrace change!

Treat yourself
As event managers we tend to focus on everyone and everything other than ourselves and this can result in stress levels increasing. The Eventful Projects Adelaide event management team recommend exercising, eating healthily, avoiding coffee and alcohol (sorry but yes!!) all to assist in reducing stress and keeping ‘balance’. We can also vouch for a day spa experience or new pair of shoes to help relieve stress too!

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