I am pinching myself as I stand in the arrivals area at the airport waiting for Anthony Warlow, Faith Prince, Joey Chancey & company to arrive into Adelaide; I am so excited and cannot believe after many months of planning our show is going on tour!

They’re here “OMG” – Anthony, Faith and Joey that ones just for you :–) the “Fab Four” are together and our journey around Australia begins, first show Adelaide then off we go to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Road cases, sound & lighting engineers, orchestra, promotional material, merchandise, sound checks and rehearsals – it’s show time!! All our event planning has brought us to this moment. Here I stand in Faith Prince’s dressing room mic-ing” her up for sound then dashing off to Anthony Warlow’s dressing room to “mic” him up and give everyone the 15 minute call. As I arrive side stage the 30 piece orchestra are taking their place, I see the theatre filling up and eager guests getting comfortable – I find myself thinking “your in for a fabulous show”.

Joey Chancey, Musical Director (AKA conductor) where are you!!!!!! Off I go to Joey’s dressing room, well really it’s my dressing room after I take over with my all event bags, merchandise, promo material and eat all his catering (sorry Joey – yes it was me!!) Mr. Joey Chancey amazing talent direct from Broadway, New York is going over his music charts; with a gentle prod I have him on his way to where he needs to be. Where am I going now well Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince’s dressing rooms of course; without these two fabulous stars there is no show and I need to escort them to their holding area. Okay I’m at side stage again, house announcement concludes and Joey Chancey makes his big entrance on stage for Gypsy Overture, once finished Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince make their grand entrance on stage and we are now officially on!! I release a breath but there’s no time for rest; off I dash to check the VIP Platinum Experience event setup, brief the staff and photographer then scoot back to side stage to assist Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince as they navigate off/on stage during their performance and ensure they have the necessary props at hand.

Interval time (also known as half way to martini time), I’m facilitating costume changes, remic-ing up my stars & checking on the musical director; believe it or not this all happens in 20 minutes before we’re back in position and ready for the second half of the show.

Loud applause, shows over – fabulous a standing ovation! Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince are side stage adrenalin pumping and I’m pushing them on stage for their encore.

It’s now 11 pm but we’re not done yet, the audio visual/production teams are packing down and I’m dashing through the corridor to collect Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince from their dressing rooms, we have VIP Platinum Experience events after every show!

Just after midnight were in the hotel bar and I can see our martinis & dinner making their way to us – woohoo!!! 2am has come and gone, we peel our tired bodies off the bar’s lounge and make our way to our rooms, as the lift stops off at all our floors we wish each other goodnight, see you tomorrow. Tomorrow brings us a new day and another show.

What an amazing experience and remarkable company (Principal’s,cast & crew). After two months together we have truly become a family and it is sad to part ways but we have our memories and of course the strong bond we’ve formed. So many experiences I cherish, from our time together at the first rehearsal in Adelaide which had me mesmerised (here I knew this show was something special) to our very extraordinary dinner in Melbourne, ‘extended’ stay in Sydney and last evening together in Brisbane.

I absolutely loved every minute of this project and here I share it with you – enjoy!

AnthonyWarlow&FaithPrince0057      AnthonyWarlow&FaithPrince0070


AnthonyWarlow&FaithPrince0085      AnthonyWarlow&FaithPrince0093


Direct from Broadway_01      Direct from Broadway_08


Direct from Broadway_23      Direct from Broadway_26




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