Don’t underestimate the power of social media; this stream of communication can yield positive results for your conference, meeting, product launch, roadshow or gala dinner.

Picking the right social media stream for your audience is important, knowing your target audience will assist you in developing a successful campaign.

Social media campaigns consist of various elements, here are some of my helpful tips.

  • Event Promotion – Create a Facebook page for the event brand; this is most beneficial for events held regularly as you can update the page with the new event details for each occurrence whilst maintaining all your “likes” and “friends” – meaning when you post you are reaching a wide audience and most importantly you are building your network year on year.
  • Create a Buzz – Social media is perfect for keeping connected with your network prior to the event. Implement smart tactics to create hype; teaser campaigns are ideal and can be in the form of posts/updates announcing give-aways (event passes/merchandise), discounted ticket sales (midnight to midnight sale) and keynote speaker reveals.
  • Engaging Delegates – Twitter is fantastic for stimulating conversations. Whether you are seeking guidance on content, menu or venue what better way to get answers and in real-time! Seeking feedback from your audience makes them feel invested and the bonus is you receive information on what they want – great intel for creating a successful event. Social media channels are also conducive for delegates to interact with one another prior to the event i.e. forums.
  • Extending Event Life – It’s not over just because you’re no longer onsite! Keep the momentum by using Instagram to upload and share event photo’s. Facebook and Twitter are also helpful in obtaining feedback on events and directing your network to YouTube clips of sessions so can they relive the memory or see what they missed.

All in all social media has provided a new dimension to event management; try it for your next event!

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