An event manager is an expert at the creative, technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed. There are certain qualities that make an event manager extraordinary; does your event manager or event management company possess these?

Interpersonal Skills
Event manager’s work with a team of people to ensure an event is a success; they should have strong communication skills in order to work with their clients effectively and manage the event team for the design, planning and execution of event deliverables.

Change is inevitable at all stages of the event life cycle; an extraordinary event manager will not only make allowances for changes but will present in a calm manner when an event does not go to plan. How does your event manager react to change? An exceptional event manager will take a step back and assess the situation, re-formulate the plan presenting the client with options then move forward communicating to all stakeholders the new course of action.

Energy and Passion
The event industry is demanding and to make a difference an event manager needs to be energetic but what truly makes an event manager extraordinary is passion!

Creativity and Innovation
Be different, create and innovate! This will set event managers (and event management companies) apart; a creative and innovative event manager not only delivers amazing events but applies their creativity and innovation to effectively and efficiently solve problems and tackle challenges.

In the event business it is the small things that matter; a talented event manager will always look beyond the big picture and ‘drill down’ into the detail. It is an event manager’s attention to the details that ensure the event is properly planned and executed.

Time Management Skills
Exceptional time management skills is must for event management. To ensure productivity and delivery of key milestones event managers need to prioritise and have sight of the big picture without losing focus on the detail.

Is your event manager a leader? Leadership is essential; events are not delivered with a team of one! A talented event manager will possess exceptional leadership qualities that will guide their team towards delivering a successful event and achieving client objectives.

Organisational Skills
Seamlessly choreographed events that are delivered on time and on budget are a result of an event managers organisational skills. Events don’t often to go as planned but an organised event manager can handle the challenge.

Tech Savvy
Our world is continually evolving, technology plays a big part in events and it is essential an event manager is comfortable with current technologies that will make your event run efficiently, professionally and have it standing out from the crowd.

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