As we coast through the second half of 2014 we just want to remind everyone of some fabulous trends that you can implement into your next event.

Here are some of our favourites.

Immersive Experiences are those that impact all your senses and provide a 360 experience; they bring the event to life from the venue, wait staff, music, lighting, menu, entertainment etc. A successful immersive experience makes guests feel like they have transported into another world; at Eventful Projects we are integrating sensory experiences for our clients, delivering meaningful and memorable event experiences.



Projection Mapping also known as video mapping is a projection technology used to turn surfaces/objects into a display surface for video projection. Whilst the technology has been around for some time it has only recently become popular and with such amazing results you can see why Projection Mapping is transforming events.

We have seen a lot of projection mapping examples but the video below is one our favourites – check it out!

Conference Event Guide Apps are a must for your next event; they provide a direct form of communication with your attendees delivering alerts, schedules, maps and current information into the attendee’s smart phone. Apps are an efficient way to deliver last minute information or changes and the use of “push notifications/alerts” is a great reminder tool. Integrating your event app with social media also enhances the experience allowing attendees to share their experiences.


Crowdsourcing is the means of obtaining needed services, ideas or content by inviting contributions from a large group of people, particularly from an online community. Crowdsourcing operates in an open forum where the community can suggest ideas; this technique is increasingly being applied to events and is extremely useful at conferences and large scale events as it offers a medium for attendees to provide suggestions and feedback thus allowing you to know exactly what the attendees want to see and hear giving you the power to take this feedback on board so that you can deliver the best experience possible!


LED Dance Shows
are proving to be very popular and offer a different form of performance that delivers ‘WOW factor”. At Eventful Projects we are implementing LED dance shows for product launches, corporate events and productions offering our clients high impact tech entertainment that incorporates their branding.

IMG_5135  maxresdefault


At Eventful Projects we produce creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

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