Delegates love a good gift bag; over time the humble event gift bag has become a staple for corporate events and the expectation of the bags contents has risen.

Gift bags are a fabulous opportunity for brand awareness and exposure; when preparing your next corporate gift bag remember what you’re trying to accomplish. Here are some of our tips:

  • Wow’ factor  |  generate hype with your gift by ensuring that it is something guests would actually like to keep or use.
  • Memorable  |  link your gift to the event, making it memorable and/or reminding the delegate of the event.
  • Key Message  |  to be effective your chosen gifts should support the events key message.
  • Promotion  |  use the gift bag to  promote your business, charity and generate leads/sales.

Designing an event bag on a small to medium sized budget – no problems; following are some suggestions to help make your corporate event gift bag memorable.

  • Creativity & Practicality  |  make your gift creative and practical so it stands out from the crowd.
  • The Right Bag or Container  |  first impressions are lasting impressions! Make the packaging appealing and ensure it is made of good quality material thus giving a perception that the contents are of good quality.
  • Use A Smaller Bag  |  fill a small bag with gifts opposed to using a bigger bag and only half filling it; by using a smaller bag you’ll be able to cut costs as fewer items need to be included, and you’ll be able to put careful, creative thought into each item added.
  • Remember the Theme  |  your gift should complement the event theme so that your gifts make sense. Delegates usually make gift bags a point of discussion and you want them to talk about how the gifts fit with the theme and how great the event was – the entertainment, food, content etc. Your gift should help delegates remember what was great about the event.
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