Captivate your audience and make an impact with an effective event stage set design. Your stage set should reflect your brand, key message and essentially bring life to your event.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience sees us working with clients to produce high impact stage sets, here are some key factors the Eventful Projects team consider during the stage set design process.

It is imperative to really know your event space; understanding its possibilities and limitations will assist you with designing the best stage set to accommodate the event and your audience.

Stage set designs should complement event speakers, expose your brand, support key messaging and enhance performances and presentations.

Lighting can be a cost effective and dramatic way to enrich your stage set. Use lighting to control the event’s mood and increase intensity and energy.

Take your stage set design to the next level with technology, use backdrops, banners and widescreens to enhance your stage and create high level impact.

Backdrops deliver a striking and flexible branding solution, a great way to deliver key messages and promote your brand. Backdrops come in various sizes making them a great solution for any size event.

Digital banners and widescreens provide maximum impact allowing you to uniquely design your stage and present your multimedia content.

Animation, video, 3D projection mapping and use of LED walls are effective alternatives to capture an audience and deliver a memorable and immersive brand experience.

At Eventful Projects we are passionate about delivering creative and unique event solutions, we believe that your stage set design should be a feature of your event and produce a sensory your audience.

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