This week I was a guest speaker for the South Australian MEA (Meetings and Events Australia) Careers Seminar, it was a fabulous experience and I was honoured to share my career and industry experience with budding tourism and event professionals – but whilst preparing for my debut I couldn’t stop thinking about successful keynotes and what really does makes them effective. After some reflection and discussion with clients here are my findings.

Successful and effective keynote speakers:

  •  Work closely with the organiser to make sure the message fits well and is delivered.
  •  Are flexible and understand the event and the importance of it’s success.
  •  Keeps the audience’s interest, sharing some personal experiences that relate to the topic so the audience can connect and relate on a personal level.
  •  Keynote speakers entertain as well as inform their audience.
  •  Create hype and elevate the event
  •  Simplify the keynote message into a call to action by motivating, providing strategies and tips that can be taken back to into the business or life for implementation.

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