Customer service is the lifeblood of events; good customer service is not about meeting expectations but exceeding them! We all want our customers to be happy and more importantly refer our business onto others, so what can we do to ensure our customers are ‘being served’?

The Eventful Projects Adelaide event management team have put together a list of some key customer service skills that your business should employ.

What are your customers telling you without saying it? Perfecting the ability to really listen to your client is crucial for delivering top customer service. Pay attention when interacting with your client, watch their body language, listen to their tone and be attentive to any feedback provided.

It is imperative that event managers have the ability to communicate information and recommendations clearly and concisely through various mediums such as in person, on the phone, in email or other written correspondence.

Customers want efficiency, it is important to handle matters quickly and accurately; in event management we must be proactive, finding ways to raise the bar and anticipate not only the event needs but our client’s.

Strive for knowledge, the more you know about your industry and product or service, the more valuable you will be to your client. Clients want to know they are good in hands and working with a business that can deliver results.

Essential to customer service is problem solving; assessing glitches and implementing a recovery program is important not only to the success of an event but in maintaining confidence with your client. Remember problem solving is the heart of great service!

At Eventful Projects we produce creative and unique event solutions. Our innovative approach to event management delivers remarkable and lasting experiences that captivate audiences.

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