Want to create a seamless event check-in experience for your delegates, here are some event planning tips from the Eventful Projects team to help you create an efficient onsite event registration desk.

Planning and preparation is key! Ensure you implement adequate standards and procedures to facilitate the event check-in process and stay organised throughout the day.

The Eventful Projects team recommend creating briefing documents and ensure you effectively communicate to your team. Briefing documents should include some general information about the event and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Formulating a footprint for your registration desk and check-in area will allow you to map out a seamless flow. We suggest a walk-through with your team before registration opens, this will identify any problems so you can resolve them immediately. Allocating registration ambassadors to manage the flow and act as a “help point” creates a feeling of organisation leaving the delegate with a quality first on-site impression.

Event registration desks need friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and organised staff. Ensure you engage the right people to represent your event, when recruiting look for people who present well, have a positive attitude and are able to stay calm under pressure.

Remember, staff are only as good as their leader so make sure you train your staff, provide them with a full run through so everyone has an understanding of the standards and procedures. Adequate training will ensure your staff are efficient, organised and ready to tackle anything.

Make the most of event technology, implementing a comprehensive registration system that can be deployed to facilitate ticket sales, registration, check-in and reporting will make you more efficient and give you accurate event registration statistics.

Timing is everything, event registration desks should be open for the duration of an event, in saying this it is important to remember delegates do arrive early and late so make sure you factor this into your planning.

Larger scale events will have heavier traffic, consider extending the registration operating hours based on your event program to manage the amount of delegates coming through at one time.

Event check-in is the delegates first onsite touch-point, make the most of this by incorporating some fun and interactivity into the registration process. Arrange engaging help points and displays, technology charging stations and entertainment. Share your event #hashtag and encourage delegates to share their experiences across social media platforms, this will get attendees excited and assist them interacting with other delegates.

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