Looking for a fresh approach to corporate gifts? Look no further; Adelaide event management company Eventful Projects has recently come across The Goods Tube and we absolutely love their approach to gift giving. This quirky gift concept is perfect for corporate events such as a conferences, incentives, product launches, gala awards dinners or even incentive programs.

The Goods Tube prepares gifts that are more than an act of generosity, but a chance to show the true personality of your business – its values – its story. They put together bespoke gift selections that bring together an eclectic range from the classics through to the latest innovations.

Each tube tells a story, the opening of the Goods Tube brings almost as much pleasure as the gifts themselves. Carefully packed to create a sequence of discovery, the goods reveal themselves one at a time, taking the lucky recipient on an enticing journey of surprise.

Add a new dimension to your events and implement this gift concept!








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For more information on how you can enhance your event with this unique gift concept please contact Vicky at vicky@eventfulprojects.com.au or 0422 053 013.