Does your event have a clear message? Have you set transparent objectives? What and how are you communicating? Delegates need clarity so make sure your actions are purpose driven.

To deliver your key message effectively it is important to think about how your message is going to be received and what reaction you want. A ‘call to action’ is a must when you are looking for your audience to take action; and if you want to be remembered then do something memorable!

Exhibitions (aka tradeshows) events are a prime example where you need to deliver a clear message, know what and how you are communicating in order to make delegates stop and engage at your stand instead of just walking past. So how do you stand out and showcase your brand? Our Adelaide event management team have put together some tips to help you:

Be appealing, make sure your stand is inviting and appealing; it is essential that your stand represents your brand also.

Interact, don’t hide behind a desk checking your email; get out the front of your stand and engage with delegates and most importantly look like you want to be there!

Drawcard, entice delegates to your stand by offering something they will want; this could be complimentary coffee, a free gift or even a feature presentation with a special guest or guest speaker. It is important that once delegates are at your stand you engage with them.

Hand Outs, continue your key messaging into any collateral that you have on display or are handing out. It is essential that a clear message be conveyed so that the delegate can recall and react accordingly.

Knowledge is Power, ensure you and your staff are knowledgeable so that you can answer questions that come your way at the event.

Be Memorable, by being different in the way you present your brand within your stand you will be memorable and delegates will recall this!

Capture Details, how are you collecting details of delegates that your stand attracts? Leads are important and so too is the method of capturing details, modern technology provides various tools to capture and manage information.

Follow Up, plan your post event communication to delegates and allocate time to follow up on leads.

And so the key message in this post is that by thinking about how you are communicating with delegates and how that links in with your messaging you will drive the right audience to your stand and create an opportunity for interaction. Remember delegates feel inspired and will be more likely to engage with your brand if you have a clear strategy pre, during and post event.

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