Keynote speakers are an essential event element and can determine your event’s success. Speakers should add value to your program, impart knowledge, motivate and inspire positive transformation.

Following the Eventful Projects team share their tips on choosing the right keynote speaker for your event.


Before investigating speaker options, familiarise yourself with your event budget and what allowance is available for a speaker. Knowing your budgetary limitations will assist you in reviewing and selecting suitable options and keep them realistic.

It is important to not only factor in the speaker fee but also any ancillary costs such as flights, accommodation, travel and expenses.

A gift is usually presented to the speaker, remember to factor this in also!


Ask yourself what is the event’s purpose, what key messages are to be conveyed to participants during the event and what do you actually want from a speaker.

Answering these questions will assist you in determining which speaker is the right fit. Do you want an industry expert to present? Would you prefer a speaker to inspire change? Or perhaps a motivational speaker?

Remember your speaker should complement your event and support your key message.


Matching speaker availability to event dates can sometimes be challenging, if you want a particular speaker at your event we strongly recommend liaising with their management in the early event planning stages.

Are you selecting a high level professional or government official as a speaker? If so, be aware that instances out of your control could affect their availability close to or on the event day. We recommend discussing back-up plans in advance, in particular who will be sent as a substitute and will they deliver the same presentation or will it be different?


Understanding your audience demographic is essential to selecting your speaker, your audience needs to identify and resonate with the speaker and the key message they are delivering. Really think about who your audience is, why they are attending the event and what they would consider high value.
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