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Inernational Recruitment Famil>

Inernational Recruitment Famil

Objective: Create a valuable, engaging and memorabile event program that develops relationships, showcases the city and university to amplify international enrolments from local and visiting agents.


A high level strategic and engaging familiarisation program that provides senior local and visiting agents the opportunity to discover and experience  whilst obtaining relevant and practical skills to take back to the workplace through curated educational sessions that showcases the universities business curriculums.


A tactical familiarisation event program that showcases the city, university, student life and thriving students to develop and foster agent relationships, amplify international student enrolments and strengthen the international education export industry.



Objective: Produce a spectacular conference and engage delegates by providing a program that covers all relevant areas to the client such as company news, consumer trends and emerging products plus providing networking opportunities.


A balanced event program where key conference highlights include a remarkable stage set design in line with company branding, product showcase in catering areas, keynote speakers and key company speakers. Networking events include welcome dinner, gala dinner and social programs.


An event that reinforces the relationship between a client and their customer; delegate engagement reflecting high evaluation scores for the conference program, keynote speakers and networking events.

Product launch>

Product launch

Objective: Deliver a high end product launch event that provides a memorable experience showcasing new products to an audience of the client’s customers and key media.


Showcasing the client’s product in style! A catwalk product parade, creative product showcase area where guests interact with products, quirky teaser campaign, memorable gift packs and tailor made degustation menu designed to reflect the sleek, contemporary products being launched.


The customer’s reputation for quality and design conveyed by ensuring all event elements have a strong link to the products being launched. Stylish invitations, sleek venue, spectacular menu and showcase of products achieve this. Client expectations exceeded and their customers along with key media are impressed and looking forward to promoting/selling the new products.



Objective: Design an impressive program for top sales performers that encompasses a proportionate mix of group activities, evening events and of course relaxation time.


Fiji is a perfect location for an incentive program. Guests participate in several group activities that are not only fun but provide opportunities for them to explore Fiji’s local villages and experience the beautiful culture; of course some beachside relaxation time is also appreciated. Evening events such traditional Kava ceremony followed by dinner, spectacular tux and thongs style formal beach dinner and a truly amazing evening with a local Fijian village are also momentous.


An Incentive event program which provides opportunity to see Fiji in a remarkable way and it will be remembered for years to come. Attendees returning to the office discussing their experience, motivating their colleagues to improve performance to ensure they have a place at the next incentive program are a sure sign of accomplishment.

Team building activity>

Team building activity

Objective: Design an interactive and memorable team building experience that connects to the conference theme. It is essential that the activity incorporate working in teams to deliver an outcome and most importantly be fun.


A team building experience that allows delegates to collaborate in order to achieve a common goal and brings them outside of the event’s meeting room.


Energised employees who are excited to move forward and deliver results for their company. Team building activities re-establish connections between staff and promote harmony across multiple departments. Key message of coming together as a team to create amazing outcomes is conveyed.

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